Welcome to Homestead! Come and play Minecraft in a challenging new way as you struggle to survive in your new home.....the untamed wilderness of the royal colonies. Stake your claim upon the land, raise your homestead into a town, find wealth in exporting your products or selling to players, and make a name for yourself. Homestead is more challenging than vanilla Minecraft: you’ll find that it takes time to progress, and death will be punishing. We encourage roleplay. Who are you and why have you come to this harsh land? Whoever you are, we hope you come and stay and enjoy your time in Homestead! Things to know about Homestead: 

- Slow Progression   You won't have access to all of vanilla Minecraft right off the bat. Certain crafting recipes will require advancing your rank to obtain.

- Deathban   Death is punishing, you will be temp banned after each death for a period of up to 24 hours depending on your rank.  

- Role Play    Role Playing is encouraged, but not required. Who are you in this 18th century colonial setting? What are your goals in this unfamiliar land? 

- Economy   Chestshops, auctions, export markets, player-to-player transactions, and a daily stipend (the Homestead Grant) support the economy. The path to riches will require selling the raw materials and goods you produce to other players, or shipping them back to the motherland.  

- Towny   Be a homesteader! Towny allows you to claim land and truly settle the colonies! 

Join our discord at: https://discord.gg/vxYHF6r

Contact us in game or on discord @ OhDidIBurnThat or cheeseandahalf or email us at homesteadmc25565@gmail.com